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This program is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve always been athletic, now I’m slipping. Doctors don’t help. It is much easier for me to step down from a curb. I am more aware. Coming here and identifying the activities, what I need, how I can help myself. Two classes and a light bulb came on. This illuminated my problem areas. One by one it identified my instabilities: up and down at curbs, balance, rising from floor or seats, writing, reading retention. Solutions doctors can’t give me. Before this, I was going down a slippery slope, losing the facilities to be able to balance. I have limitations, but I see the possibilities. The world is opening up. I see possibilities. I shout your praises to all.-- Jean, elder mentee.

This has opened up my whole life—I am doing things I had given up. I have started painting again. I have more interest and motivation. I read more slowly with better comprehension. I have better balance.—Jean, mentee

After BG, walking was better—balanced. Tendency to lean right was less, walking was steadier.”—Lorraine, mentee

After we do the Arm Activation, I am standing straighter. After we do the lengthening activities, I am more grounded, centered when I walk. My posture is better.—Ginny, mentee

Various Mentees---------
“It is so hard but after we finish I feel awake and not tired.”
“I never thought I could do some of these things.”
“I enjoy our classes, I am so happy you come here.”
“After our sessions I feel like I can concentrate better.”
“I can lift my arm higher now then I could before.”
“Brain Gym must be working on you too, because you remember our names.”

It was like something became connected in my brain that had been scrambled or mixed up. Things that frustrated me before became easier.  My thinking and my problem solving skills improved.  I found myself looking forward to problems I could solve instead of fearing them. Mentee

My directionality improved.  At first it was difficult to do the cross crawling.  I wanted to use the same side. Then the crossing over became easier.   It has become easier for me to organize my thoughts and to find the words to express myself.
My near vision has improved after using a couple of different vision programs so I do believe that they are beneficial. Mentee

Make another class. We want a class going all the time. I like how it was different all the time—never the same. I felt better every time after class. My balance has really improved. I am walking faster. People say my face looks better, more radiant. Akiko is really a good mentor. Mabel, mentee

Stella, a receiver of the program, said, “I feel much healthier and physically fit. I am pretty good in my balance. I looked forward to the program and I enjoyed coming to the class. I like everything we did, and it helped me. I liked participating in the activities. Stella, mentee

When I came in I was tired, unenthusiastic, not feeling well, not motivated. I thought I’d try it. I came. My back is stronger, soreness in back gone; doctor say everything is good. Brother says-‘how you walk straight.’ Much better now, back not hurting. I have better attention to TV programs. Thelma, mentee
This class gave me confidence. I know more or less what to do to improve my condition. My ability to walk around improved. I recommend this class. Janice, mentee
I was all alone. I feel good around these people. I liked interacting with them. I like the activities, especially the wooden 8 with the marbles. Betty, mentee

I am 71 years old and took my first Brain Gym class last
fall, when Karen offered a workshop in the senior home where I live.
I use several exercises to relieve my neck pain and to keep relaxed.
I have had neck trouble for quite some time, saw a chiropractor but it
always returned.  After 2 to 3 weeks of using the Brain Gym techniques for
my neck, it is much better. The best thing about Brain Gym is
that it is simple, easy to remember and can be done at home or on the go.
I recently gave my daughter in law a Brain Gym instructional sheet for
her to use to help with her arthritis and to look at since her daughter in
law is a teacher.  (Peggy said that many schools now use Brain Gym
techniques to keep their kids focused, start the school day with, or use
before they take tests). Virginia, mentee

I am 82 years old, and have major balance problems after I broke my
arm 2 years ago. I had to use a cane to walk, could barely get out of a
chair, had trouble writing (she couldn't even sign her name legibly), and
had tried weights and balance classes based on recommendations from my
doctor.  I live in a senior residential home and about 6 months ago,
Karen did a Brain Gym session where I live. Brain Gym exercises have made a life-changing difference.  Now, I can walk a mile and a
half daily without a cane, can get up easily from a chair and write much
better.  It has changed my life, where many other remedies just
didn't work.  I do the Brain Gym exercises regularly (even while I am
walking).  The exercises are fun (it's like playing a game) and
easy to do and remember (there are exercises called Elephant, Owl, Crazy
8's). I am very eager to tell my story because I want to help other
seniors who may be going through what I went through. Jean, mentee
I use a wheeled-walker to get where I‘m going due to osteoarthritis along my spine, and across my shoulders and hips. When I started Brain gym, I wasn’t sure I would even be able to do the exercises, but I was determined to try. Now, I find the Owl is my best friend! It really helps to relax muscles in my shoulders that get so tense from usig my walker. Thanks, Brain Gym, you’ve been a life-saver! Nancy, mentee
The Gravity Glide is another winner for me. I can’t stand for very long and have a set in my shower. After letting the warm water run down my back, it is much easier to do this exercise in my shower. It is very helpful, as I tend to get back spasms. Just take it slow and easy. Think of it as yogs for seniors. I think you’ll be happy you tried. Nancy, mentee

I love the way I feel after class because I feel calm and balanced. It is especially nice because our class is held right after my work with the seniors. It helps me to relax and relieves all the stress I might have had during my work hours. I love to do the exercises because I can actually do all of them which makes me happy. The feeling of calmness is very noticeable when I am driving home after the class. Thank you for a very beneficial learning experience!
Marlene, Site Coordinator, Kaunoa congregate meal site