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Kaunoa Senior Services

The Giving Back/Kaunoa partnership began in 1994 with the program director teaching classes in integrative movement, Brain Gym®, vision exercises, all of which became the basis of the fall prevention program. Giving Back was founded in 2000, and the fall prevention program was implemented at various sites in 2005-6. It was implemented for the first time at a congregate meal site in 2007.

Kaunoa maintains 16 congregate meal sites; has their own site coordinator at each of the sites who is the liaison to Giving Back. The Giving Back Program Director with mentors visits the lunch sites monthly. Giving Back has chosen Kaunoa’s lunch sites for 4 of its fall prevention programs. Giving Back is in the process of training all site coordinators and key senior leaders to sustain the program. Kaunoa is a division of the County of Maui Housing and Human Concerns.

Hawaii Department of Health
Hawaii Injury Prevention and Control Program (IPCP)
Maui District Health Office (MDHO)

The Giving Back/ICPC Department of Health/Maui District Health Office partnership began in May 2006 with the first fall prevention project at an assisted living center. ICPC funded this and 3 more fall prevention projects on Maui. IPCP, whose goal is to prevent injuries, focuses on community-based strategies to reduce injuries and to increase community awareness and resources on injury prevention. The
Kupuna Kokua Project (fall prevention project) supports the mission of the Hawaii State Injury Prevention and Control Project, which includes:

“providing leadership in preventing death and disability associated with injuries… by educating, supporting and mobilizing individuals and organizations to incorporate comprehensive injury prevention strategies in their on-going efforts.”

The Maui District Health Officer and his staff independently evaluates the fall prevention project by pre- and post-testing elders in the program, and then writing a full evaluation. See the evaluation section of this website.