"It made me feel important. It was my favorite day...I wish it was every day." 4th grader
"It makes me think before I act. It's fun! I like the people who come."  5th grader
"I love my auntie...and doing Brain Gym!" kindergartner
"I wish I didn't have to wait so long to get into my favorite class"  4th grader
"It makes me feel calm. I do Brain Gym before tests and speeches."   5th grader 

Brain Gym Intergenerational Mentoring Child Survey

    • What did you like about Brain Gym?
Lihikai Elementary School: ~playing games in school, other activities, games outside ~play games ~learning and doing ~everything ~the activities – as word search ~all the toys, the hook-up exercise and concentrating on the fingers ~Mr. Kimo. I like doing my homework with Mr. Kimo. ~the games ~to play after homework ~everything ~help with homework ~games and the teachers who teach here ~fun ~stretching, playing, games, marble eight ~learning new things ~great

Wailuku Elementary School: ~marbles ~sports ~fun ~sports, exercises, games ~I like it. ~I liked it. ~playing marbles ~having fun ~happy ~happy ~doing most of the activities ~fun activities ~get to stimulate your brain more ~playing marbles, everything ~doing left and right ~fun ~exercises and activities ~the exercise ~get to play, have fun ~lots of things to do, got to exercise and stretch our minds ~playing ~everything, catch especially
Kula Elementary School: ~we got to play games, puzzles ~fun, got to skip math, people here are fun ~jumping rope ~doing all the fun stuff with you ~its cool.  Helped with balance ~always do stuff like mind exercises ~cross-crawl, playing games, jigsaw puzzle ~going outside, doing different  - like crosscrawl ~everything ~the pictures, balls, play with Auntie, coloring, puzzles, paint, catching jacksons,    missing my class ~makes my brain better, more knowledge, get to be with my mentor/auntie ~fun, exciting ~cross-over hand to knee ~get to do games, we do BG in a circle.  Cross crawl, draw, read books ~sit down, jump rope ~Owl, Cross Crawl, drawing, writing, you and all of you ~exercises, mentors, fun
Pukalani Elementary School:


Kamali'i Elementary School:


"Ms. Peterson is very knowledgeable about what it takes to stimulate the brain, as well as, how the brain functions. She is very enthusiastic; energetic; and motivates faculty and students to the level of high performance."
"Ms. Peterson has worked with senior citizens at Kaunoa Senior Center and we have had the extreme good fortune of having 12 of them come to school to work with our poor achievers, the results of which have been outstanding. I can't say enough about Ms. Peterson's Brain Gym program and the positive effects it has had on our faculty and students."
"The relationships that developed between the mentors, teachers, and children were perhaps the best and most beautiful thing towatch. The mentors shared their life stories and their knowledge of many subjects with the students. At recess, many other students came around to talk and share with the mentors. They became a valued asset on our campus." 


"After two sessions of the Brain Gym mentoring, I asked Tiane to lead the class in a Brain Gym technique she had learned. She shied away replying, 'I don’t know what to do.' I excused her saying, 'You should be learning something you can take back to the class.' I’m happy to report that since then, my shy Tiane has stuck her head out of her shell. She actually raises her hand in order to participate in a class discussion. I really don’t think she would have found the courage without Brain Gym. Thank you!" ~ 5th grade teacher
"Nicole has made a tremendous improvement in the area of focusing. She has done well in all of her 4th grade classes." ~ 4th grade teacher
"Jeremy has been a lot more responsible in doing his reading assignment. He knows his math tables. He even beat his regular ed peers in a math game we played recently. His self-esteem is a lot better." ~ 4th grade teacher
I have very low functioning students. We do Brain Gym after we begin our lessons, and there is a marked improvement in their performance. It's amazing!!" ~ special ed teacher
"I notice lots of positive changes and significant improvements in all the kids' handwriting." ~ 3rd grade teacher
"Kamery Lee has been doing all his homework. He is attempting to do it correctly. He appears to be a lot more focused...energized and organized." ~ 4th grade teacher
"This has been the most beneficial class I've taken through in my entire life! When things are getting to much for me to handle, I do some Brain Gym...and it works!!" Special Ed teacher
"Jalal never applied himself outside the classroom. He would, however do a really good job of focusing the classroom with a Brain Gym strategy when asked. He shared the ears technique {thinking cap} with the class. I would also catch him doing Brain gym at his desk before starting an assignment. It was great because I noticed a few students practicing this technique on their own when necessary." ~ 5th grade teacher
"I have seen children using Brain Gym exercises on their own throughout the day, and even last night, before two of my students spoke before the County Council, I saw them doing Brain Gym." ~ 5th grade teacher.
"The relationships that developed between the mentors, teachers, and lllwith the students. At recess, many other students came around to talk and share with the mentors. They became a valued asset on our campus;"  ~  Schoolwide Reading teacher.
"Student vocabulary changed. They talk about goal setting, etc."  ~  5th grade teacher.
"The children became more sensitive to others." ~ 4th grade teacher
All teachers noted positive comments about each child.