We have a new book!!

MoveWith Balance:  Healthy Aging Activities for Brain and Body


    This is a personal invitation to join a community of people who are interested in healthy aging. Please take a look and see what we have to offer you, including this just-published book:

                         Move With Balance: Healthy Aging for Brain and Body


    Our intention is to improve the lives of elders, helping them stay mentally alert and sharp, and reducing their risk of falls and accidents. You can participate as a group leader, a caregiver, or on your own. Perhaps you are aging, you work with elders, or you are concerned about your aging parents.
    Here's how to bring confidence and joy into the aging years. This brightly illustrated book, which links to 60 on-line demonstration videos, is loaded with dozens of movements (not exercises) that anyone can do, even the frailest elder. The payoff: increased coordination, sharper cognitive skills, better vision, and enhanced self-confidence. Preventing falls means preventing disaster! Staying mentally alert and sharp is paramount. Please go to our website to learn about our award-winning program.
Thank you, and please share!
Karen Peterson, Founder
Move With Balance®, a Giving Back (501c non-profit corporation) program.

Our Intergenerational Programs

Giving Back is a Hawaii non-profit agency committed to fostering intergenerational relationships through mentoring, enhancing the individual lives of both the giver and receiver, while creating vibrant and vital opportunities for active elder volunteers (age 50+) to ‘give back’ to benefit their neighborhoods and communities.

In Hawaii

Interested in becoming a mentor in our local Hawaii Program? Information about our local programs along with trainings and class schedules can be found here. Stay up to date with local news and information by reading our news blog.

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Your Community

Giving Back has created a course/training to bring the Giving Back® Mentoring Programs to Your Community. The 2-day, 16-hour course will cover the nuts and bolts of replicating our successful intergenerational mentoring program in your community.

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